A Frank Angle

How’s your week going?

Hot and muggy is still in the Ohio Valley, and will be for a few more days. Needless to say, it was hot playing golf today, but I keep my fluids up for my mediocre golf scores. I hope my consistency returns!

Below is your mid-week dose of satire. Any favorites? For those desiring a challenge, make your own combination by using the information in the headlines. My combo is at the end.

FYI: I hope to announce (on Friday) the next act of Time: The Musical. Meanwhile, have a good rest of the week.

Man does good job getting drunk

Woman gets Google alert for Kevin Costner

70% of world’s population could use all-star benefit concert

Desperate mom okays male babysitter

25-year-old’s biggest dream still being popular high school student

Dude with knit hat at party calls beer “Libations”

Web series reaches 100 views

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