The Rag Tree


File:Érable entouré d'herbes d'automne (détail) par Hasegawa Tōhaku.jpg



the boy was a hero once;

he fell from the sky like his father

down the long pale streets of summer,

looking for his words


written over, those purposes

by pleasure, by anger;

he forgets his appointment

forgets the time, the place


remembers only the lady

seen once in turmoil,

lost herself in forgetting–

in the unmaking of time.


the streets are glistening,

rain pouring

leaves rolling in

long waves–


they remember


let me ripple

in the waking, your kiss.


© 2013, The Rag Tree


Photo:  Tree in Summer (1852); Hasegawa Tōhaku; WikiCmns; Public Domain.

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