A Frank Angle

Alright everyone For those who don’t know the words, look below the video because it’s sing-a-long time.

Terrytoons presents

The real, great adventures of me, Tom Terrific! I’m Tom Terrific,
with Mighty Manfred, the Wonder Dog!
I’m Tom Terrific, greatest hero ever!
Terrific is the name for me, ’cause I’m so clever.
I can be what I want to be, and if you’d like to see,
Follow, and follow me! If you see a plane up-high,
A diesel train go roaring by.
A bumble bee, or a tree, it’s me! When there is trouble,
I’m there on the double.
From the Atlantic to the Pacific,
They know Tom Terrific! Aaand, I’m Mighty Manfred, the Wonder dog,
Aaand Tom’s ever faithful companion.


  • Tom Terrific, a kid hero living in a treehouse
  • Funnel-shaped hat (called the Transformation Trinket) made him smarter and could transform him into what he wanted…

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