The Wanderlust Gene

Some curves are luscious, and rightly famous – Marilyn Munroe’s for instance, or the warm marble grace of the Winged Victory of Samothrace – others are a little more difficult to discern, like my own budding pre-pubescent voluptuousness (which it seemed only I could see!).  Then there are the androgynous curves of the tree in the long gored skirt.

Androgynous Curves

Every time I walk into the Paradise Road Cafe this angular sophisticate makes me laugh. Follow me here:  imagine her, standing aloof from the throng, hips and one knee thrust forward, model-like, sparkling bangles over long kid gloves – beyond the elbows – a cigarette in an equally long bone holder in one hand, champagne teetering in the other, hair ornaments and extravagant chandelier earrings …,  and so one day out came the camera.

The architect and style guru, Geoffrey Bawa, had a bit of a fetish for old Chinese export…

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