How to increase traffic with video promotion can be a challenge if you do not know the correct steps to see the results you need to succeed. Here are the top steps to succeed with video promotion.

1.)    Reliable Video Creator – You will need to find a video creator that will fit your editing needs and grow with your business.One that will not take a huge amount out of your budget. You can find the best video editor on the web right now and its FREE.

2.)    2.) Keyword Suggestion Tool – This is a MUST HAVE when using any type of website promotion. And it is just as important when creating your video. You must have the correct keywords so your video will be searched for and found easily. Looking for a dependable and accurate keyword research tool can be time consuming. Here is the keyword tool that I use . This tool is specific to youtube and it allows you to see the most current searched keywords on youtube. Increase traffic and succeed with this free tool.

3.) Title – Now that you have your two basic tools , it is now time to utilize them together. Your title is the first thing your visitors see, not mentioned the search engines. So take this step seriously. This can be a make or break step. Make sure to use your most major keywords first then place the remaining in the order of importance if you can.
4.) Description – Please be aware of how effective the description can be. This is not only where you describe your video but where you tie in your major keywords as well. Now take your list of keywords in the order they are placed of importance and place them in your description text. Let your title show you the order placement and so on. Hint: Also place your other video site urls in this area as well. Google loves to index them as well. google also likes a lot of quality text so use it wisely and abundently. Place them at the beginning and again at the end of your text area. Make sure to include “http://” so it becomes clickable to your visitor. DO NOT just list your keywords in this area and think that it will work. Google will think you are spamming and ban you. Write paragraphs and be creative and selective to succeed.

5.) Tags – This area is for your keywords only. Place your keywords in the same order of importance as your title and description. And DO NOT use just any hot keywords that are popular on youtube at the time. Stay on track with your relevence to your topic at hand and stick to it.

6.) Category – Make sure to place your video in the proper youtube category to gain the right kind of audience. Don’t just place your youtube video in the most popular category to gain short term traffic. Focus on long term and high ranking with your Youtube video.

7.) Captions – Now this can be a great hidden tool. Not many people understand the power
of captions. Captions are the text that is located at the bottom of your video that usually follow along the voice of the video. The main purpose is to help those that are hearing impaired. But you can utilize it for your video promotion as well. You can optimize it a few different ways. You see google also sees the caption text too when indexing. So you can match these words with the speaking words….which means you will have to treat your narration as you did with your keywords in your title, description and tags. Or you can have your caption only include notes, website addresses, or instructions for your viewer to follow. Its up to you. There are several caption creator tools on the web but I like to use “Video Critter” . It is simple , effective, free and user friendly. Just visit: and open a FREE account. It only takes a minute or two and you are set.

8.) Playlists – Now that you have a few videos optimized it is time to create “Playlists”. Playlist are videos on youtube that are grouped together as you see fit. May I suggest you group them by the major keyword topic. So when the viewer searches for that keyword(s) they will find your playlist easily. When creating playlist just visit your youtube channel and create them from there.